Types of Business

Here is a list of some of the types of member businesses frequently found in a trade exchange.

Advertising Alarm Systems and Service Answering Service
Auto Mechanic Cleaning/Janitorial Dentist
Hair Salon Heating and Air Lawn & Landscape Service
Nail Salon Orthodontist Painter
Pest Control Plumber Printing
Restaurants Signs Tire Sales and Service
Transmission Repair Tree Service Waste Disposal
Appraiser Attorney Auto Detailing / Carwash
Childcare Cleaning supplies Collision/Body Repair
Computer Repair Contractor/Builder Electrician
Fitness Clubs Flooring Florist
Furniture Gifts Golf
Graphic Designer Gymnastics Handyman
IT Technician Jewelry Massage Therapy
Notary Public Office Equipment & Furniture Office Supplies
Optical Paper Products Photographer
Promotional products Storage Telephone Systems
Veterinarian Website Design Window Cleaning
Window Tinting Bed & Breakfast Catering
Chiropractic CPA Dance Lessons
Financial Planning Hotel/Motel Interior Decorator
Irrigation Systems Martial Arts Instruction Moving Company
Physical Therapy Real Estate Agent Reception Hall
Shredding/Recycling Service Travel Agency Videographer
Piano Teacher Tutoring

Qulity Partners

Select Businesses

Membership is constantly scrutinized to determine how many businesses from each category should be allowed and to find the very best participants to fill those needs.  Every member's application is put before the current members for approval.  The board of directors of the local exchange sets guidelines and practices to ensure the health of the exchange first and to which all should follow.  Any member that falls outside of those guidelines and practices is subject to removal from the exchange.  As the members of a certain business category begin to take on all the trade business that they can reasonably spend on their own reoccurring expenses, this is an indication that another business of that same category can be added to supply the needs of the exchange. 

What Really Matters

About Us

Advanced Technology Services

Web-based system
TradeAuthority spent 6 years in the conceptual and developmental stages of the "ultimate" trade software system including the actual programming of code which began in the fall of 2008. The "QuikTrade Barter Management System went "live" in the spring of 2010. Since that time it has continued to have many enhancements and developments designed to enrich the trading experience of our users.  Our goal is to make a trade transaction as easy and to use and immediate to process as any online banking, swiping a card, and/or a mobile app transaction. QuikTrade is a web-based system that utilizes both web, mobile, and swipe card technologies.  A transaction can be conducted from any place where the internet can be accessed... even via smart phone.  When the internet is not available, temporary means are provided to record that transaction until such time that "QuikTrade" can be accessed.
Swipe Card capable
For restaurants, high traffic retail, and service locations, a TradeAuthority specific swipe card terminal can be installed that provides the user the experience of a typical "credit card" type transaction.  These terminals are not connected through a merchant provider (no associated merchant fees or batch settlement processes) but have been designed to simply connect directly to "QuikTrade" through the internet, conducting a transaction in a simplified and quick functionality

Mobile Applications and Processing tools
TradeAuthority has recently released the development of it's QuikTrade Mobile Site/App that will not only allow users to process live and secure transactions directly from their mobile device with activated data service, but also tools to allow member account management and directory search of members with mapping capabilities linked directly to their device's GPS capabilities.
Management tools
QuikTrade provides many management and control features for the staff of a local exchange.  These controls allow the staff to constantly monitor member's balances, credit limits, accumulation limits and ultimately the health of the exchange as a whole.  In turn, TradeAuthority is able to constantly monitor the exchange's balances, credit limits, accumulation limits, reciprocal balances, and ultimately the health of the nationwide system of TradeAuthority member exchanges.
Single Cash/Trade processing
One of the highlights of QuikTrade is its capability to process the cash transaction fee in the same moment as processing the trade portion of the transaction.  This is handled through a Cash Reserve Account (CRA), essentially a cash escrow account established, funded, and controlled by each member.  This CRA also provides the capability for cash tips to accompany trade transactions for restaurants, salons, etc.
Gift Cards
Members have the capability of buying Gift Cards with their trade dollars. These gift cards are only usable in selected locations within the exchange. This provides the member the ability to give those outside of the membership (their employees, customers, friends, etc.) a means of making purchases with trade dollars. This is often used as a means for members to reward customers and bonus or incent their employees.

Save CAsh

 Members of the exchange will want to start using their barter dollars for as many of their regular re-occuring expenses as possible, thus saving their cash.  Next time you need a plumber, use trade dollars - not cash.  Next time you need to visit the dentist, trade instead of spending your cash.  Your office needs painting? Trade. Who is performing your janitorial services?  Think about the cash that could be saved!  Why spend your hard earned cash when you can trade?

Coast Trade and the trade exchanges developed by TradeAuthority, to our knowledge, are the first and only group of member-owned barter exchanges in the world.  This is a critical distinction.  The health and success of a barter exchange is based upon the value of its currency.  There are many reasons why a currency would lose value in a network, but ultimately it is based upon trust.  Members must trust that its value is equal to the US Currency and thus equally satisfied to use that barter currency. With TradeAuthority member exchanges, the members own the network and control the guidelines for operating the network. 

Community / Social Network


One of the ingredients of a successful exchange is the community of relationships involved.  Members should know each other, build trust among each other, develop lifelong business and personal relationships.  Although the activity of trade business is not stimulated with forced social events, social events are scheduled, but more as a result of the relationships already developed.