Serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast


Recession Resistant

​Many Businesses find that economic downturns have a lesser effect on them than the rest of the area.

Why Barter?

Employee Benefits

​A great way to supplement your employee benefits package,and can be given as performance incentives.

Our exchange allows you to trade your goods and services with multiple parties. We combine old fashioned barter with the ease of electronic record keeping.

Increase Sales

Drive business to you that would have normally gone elsewhere.


How Does it work?

Barter is generally described as the exchange of goods or services between parties without the use of cash. Where direct barter implies a direct one-to-one transaction, a barter network or trade exchange allows barter credits or trade dollars to be accounted for so that direct bartering is no longer necessary, but can be accomplished by any multiple of parties. An effective trade exchange is a system which utilizes computerized information sharing and human intelligence, relationships, and creativity to create opportunities for members to trade their products and services on a regular basis. A small cash transaction fee accompanies all barter transactions, thus paying for banking and promotional infrastructure of the network.  Most businesses see this fee similarly to that of a sales commission as it is bringing new business that only had the opportunity to come as a result of the network.